DIAVITE – High precision with DH-8 & COMPACT II

High precision surface roughness meter

Universal use in workshop and inspection room, integral thermo printer for all measuring values, profile and bearing ratio. Automatic print out after each measurement possible. Memory for measurements. Choice of many types of tracers to realize more measuring tasks. User friendly comprehensive multilingual menu guidance. Tolerance indication for exceeded limits of measuring values.
From the simple roughness measurement without accessories, directly on the machine, over measurements in the laboratory with measuring support, special tracers and further accessories, up to the recording of contours, the DIAVITE DH-8 and COMPACT II offers the maximum of flexibility allowing judging the quality of surfaces.

Roughness tracers (probes)

The tracers are the heart pieces of the roughness meters, they are, to a wide extent the determining factor of the precision of the measuring values obtained. The great choice of tracers enables us to solve measuring tasks previously believed unsolvable, are the result of decades of experience in the construction of such probes. The traversing unit with an integrated reference flat also allows to effect precise measurements also with skid less tracers and to render possible the flexible use of this equipment.


The DIAVITE DH-8 and COMPACT II are not only a roughness meter suitable for use in the workshop. Combined with its choice of software programmes, it is perfectly capable to solve selective high level measuring tasks in the laboratory. The suitable variety of accessories is an ideal support to fulfil the daily measuring.

Linearity and measuring accuracy

Since 1995, the analogue Hall-effect-technology with a high linear output signal, employed for the first time by DIAVITE, has proven its superiority against previously incorporated systems. With this technique, high linearity over the average is reached. On the display bar, an arrow now indicates the exact definition of the green phase for an optimal positioning of the diamond point and thereby allows to effect skid less tracer-measurements with DH-8 and COMPACT II even more precisely. The DH-8 and COMPACT II has moved positively from an ordinary workshop instrument in the direction of a higher-class versatile surface roughness meter.


The flexible application of a surface roughness meter can be reached by a multiple choice of tracers only. For DH-8 and COMPACT II, 15 different tracers are at disposal, and thanks to the integrated reference flat in the traversing unit VHF, very precise measurements are no longer a problem even using skid less tracers. The suitable accessory is completing the DH-8 and COMPACT II ideally and allows measurements of very small parts too.