Company History


The company founded by Hermann Hediger manufactured diamond tools and in particular diamond arbor wheels.
Hence the name DIAVITE resulted from DIA- of diamond and VITE- of fast (french).


The first roughness measuring instrument is built for the company SULZER.


Hans Huber assumes the management of the company and the first roughness measuring instrument with transistors is manufactured.


The roughness measuring instrument MT-1 is launched into the market, it is small and compact. All futur developments up to 1979 are based on this instrument.


The inductive tracers with the roughness measuring instrument DT-15 are introduced. At the same time the roughness measuring instrument DT-100 with integrated printer is developed. It comes 1986 on sale.


The inductive feeler system is abandoned, it makes way for the substantially more precise and linear hall element. The first roughness measuring instrument with this technology is the DH-5. On this basis the following devices DH-6 and DH-7 are developed.


Hans Huber sells the production to ASMETO AG. DIAVITE is from now on managed by Martial Wüthrich.


DIAVITE moves from Richterswil to Bachenbülach.


The DIAVITE roughness measuring instrument COMPACT complements the product range.


The production of the DIAVITE is separated from ASMETO AG. Hans Huber founds the new company DIAVITE AG. The production and selling remains under the direction of Martial Wüthrich in Bachenbülach.


Martial and Carmen Wüthrich take over the company DIAVITE AG.