DIASOFT – visualise your measures

PC-software program «DIASOFT»

The software as a supplement and extension of DIAVITE includes further roughness parameters and can present and memorize profiles. These can be analysed and compared with each other. This software is available in 4 different versions:

Basic (incl. in the scope of supply)
Basic programmes with Ra, Rq, Rv, Rp, Rt, Sm, Rsk, Rku, Rz, RTp, RHTp, RDq, RPc, roughness curve, Abbott curve

Same as «Basic», additionally with waviness and roughness profile on the same curve, zoom functions, symmetry, comparison of profiles and more.

Same as «Standard», additionally with ISO 12085 (CNOMO), ISO 13565, (parameter Rk)

Same as «Automotive», additionally analysis of series of profiles and a lot more features to analyse the measurements. The most complete offer for the specialist, now and in future.

Options for Standard, Automotive and Expert

  • Module advanced contour
  • Module simple contour
  • Module statistics